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What nurses should know when working in Aboriginal communities

dc.contributor.authorFoster-Boucher, Caroline
dc.description.abstractNurses working in Aboriginal communities need to understand the history, socio-political climate and culture within the specific community. In addition to placing a high priority on this learning, nurses should also understand the concept of respect in Aboriginal terms and apply respect in all their dealings in the community Self-awareness of their own beliefs and assumptions is critical if nurses are to have an effective relationship with the community. The author, an Aboriginal person who grew up in a non-aboriginal home, illustrates these concepts with anecdotes from her own experiences when she returned to her Dene community.
dc.identifier.citationFoster CH. (2006). What nurses should know when working in Aboriginal communities. Canadian Nurse, 102(4), 28–31.
dc.rightsAll Rights Reserved
dc.subjectAboriginal Canadians
dc.subjecttranscultural nursing
dc.titleWhat nurses should know when working in Aboriginal communitiesen