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The role of emotional intelligence in the culture-entrepreneurship fit perspective

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cultural values, entrepreneurship, culture-specific emotional intelligence (CSEI)

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Values are at the core of cultures, and this view has also dominated research on cross-cultural comparative entrepreneurship. However, empirical evidence relating cultural values and entrepreneurial behaviors has been mixed. Scholars have therefore suggested that cultural values may influence entrepreneurship only indirectly, thereby suggesting the existence of intermediary mechanisms linking cultural values and entrepreneurship. One such mechanism could be through the influence of culture-specific emotional intelligence (CSEI) on entrepreneurial behaviors. CSEI can be explained as culturally driven implicit beliefs rather than it being a direct manifestation of overarching cultural values, several manifestations of which shape entrepreneurial behaviors differently across countries. As such, CSEI has a unique position in the culture-entrepreneurship fit perspective.

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Pathak, S., & Muralidharan, E. (2020). The role of emotional intelligence in the Culture-Entrepreneurship fit perspective. In Christiansen, B., Branch, J., & Karmowska, J. (Eds.), Cultural Factors and Performance in 21st Century Businesses. pp: 90-120. IGI Global.



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