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“That wall was broken down”: building reciprocal learning partnerships through interprofessional simulation learning

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Interprofessional simulation learning (ISL), nursing education, post secondary education

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Globally, healthcare education programs, including nursing, are increasingly utilizing simulation-based learning despite limited research to guide its pedagogical application. To date, the use of simulation in undergraduate healthcare education has predominately embraced a uni-professional approach, but with the evolution of the modern healthcare environment there is a need to move beyond discipline specific training and embrace interprofessional modes of practice. Interprofessional simulation learning (ISL) has shown limited the potential to build reciprocal learning partnerships and improve patient care. However the emerging body of literature on the application of ISL highlights the need to further increase our understanding in order to maximize the integration of ISL into undergraduate nursing curricula. The purpose of this presentation will be to present the study findings and engage the audience in a discussion of the themes that emerged. Through discussion we hope to increase educator awareness of this teaching/learning modality and its positive impact on role awareness and the interprofessional collaboration skills vital in the modern healthcare environment.

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Presented on March 30, 2015 at the 5th International Nursing and Midwifery Conference held in Galway, Ireland.

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