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Fostering successful transitioning to practice: responding to the Covid crisis

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case study, clinical practicum, higher order thinking skills, massive open online course

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Nursing education programs are developed intentionally and thoroughly to ensure students successfully transition to practice as competent, compassionate, ethical and safe healthcare professionals. Nursing faculty designing both programs of study and individual courses consider congruence of scaffolded concepts, the current landscape of healthcare, and anticipate trends and issues in healthcare delivery and nursing practice to ensure graduates are prepared. The pandemic caught many higher education institutions unawares and this was especially true of nursing as a practice profession. This educational innovation, in response to the health restrictions imposed by the health authority and educational institution, was developed to ensure students enrolled in their final practicum were not only able to graduate, but had the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes to thrive.

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Maykut, C. A., Dressler, M., & Newell-Killeen, H. (2021). Fostering successful transitioning to practice: Responding to the Covid crisis. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 14(1), 760-766.



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