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The effect of sex and education level on political orientation

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gender, political orientation, education level

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The present paper examines the effects of gender and sex on political orientation. This topic is important because if a difference is found in gender and political orientation this could be an indication of one genders needs not being met by political parties or the current government. The data that was used for the present paper was from the 2015 Alberta Survey. A sample size of 1,200 households was used and they were chosen by a two stage selection process. Those over 18 of whom lived in a home that could be contacted via phone in Alberta were targeted for this survey. The findings were different from what was originally hypothesized. Gender was not found to play a role in political orientation. This finding differs from previous literature which had reported gender gaps. However education level was found to have an effect on voting behavior.

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Thuesen, G.-M. (2020). The Effect of Sex and Education Level on Political Orientation. MacEwan University Student EJournal (MUSe), 4(1).


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