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An evolutionary concept analysis of learner-centered teaching

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evolutionary concept analysis, nursing education, concept analysis, learner-centered teaching, theory development

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Introduction An increasing need for a paradigm shift from traditional teacher-centered teaching model has led to an adoption of learner-centered teaching (LCT) in nursing education. However, programs aimed at LCT barely integrate its principles within their frame of reference, as there tends to be no explicit or clear operationalized definition. The ambiguity and a lack of consensus not only predisposes nursing faculty to erratic teaching practices but also compromises the validity and trustworthiness of any scholarship associated with LCT. Objective The aim of this review was to clarify the concept of LCT for nursing education research and teaching practice purposes. Design and Methods We used an evolutionary framework to review the literature relevant to LCT. Evolutionary concept analysis is a scientific method of inquiry which focuses on analysis of empirical data to identify the attributes, antecedents, and consequences of a concept. Data Sources A comprehensive and systematic review of empirical and conceptual publications from the disciplines of Nursing, Medicine, and Educational psychology provided the sources for this concept analysis. Results. The key defining attributes of learner-centered teaching identified were autonomy, empowerment, engagement, and collaboration. The key antecedents for LCT were trusting relationship, personal responsibility, mutual respect, and empathy. We identified nine primary consequences and an exemplar of LCT from personal teaching experience and the literature. Conclusions LCT is a highly complex concept with many aspects that make it difficult to provide an authoritative definition. However, we identified key attributes, antecedence, and consequences for an operationalization of LCT in nursing education research and teaching practice.

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Oyelana, O., Olson, J., & Caine, V. (2021, May 3-5). An evolutionary concept analysis of learner-centered teaching [Poster presentation]. Presented at CASN Canadian Nursing Virtual Education Conference, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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