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Access 2022: setting new goals for digital health in Canada

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Canada Health Infoway has been a champion for digital health access for all Canadians since its inception in 2001. As a government funded not-for-profit organization, Infoway works with Canadians, academics and a variety of health care organizations across the country to transform the delivery of health care in Canada. While huge strides have been made towards a digitally integrated system, Canada remains behind peer countries in access to care and digitally-enabled services (Infoway, 2019). In the 2017 Commonwealth Fund ranking of health care system performance, Canada ranked ninth out of eleven countries overall and was last in terms of access to care like same-day physician appointments and emergency department wait times (Green, 2018). This shows that while technology is advancing its application in health care is not keeping up.

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Neumeier, M. (2019). Access 2022: Setting new goals for digital health in Canada. Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 14(1). Retrieved from



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