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Preliminary communication: preparation and structure of a ruthenium dicarbonyl derivative of the P2N4S2 ring

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Carbonyl, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Ruthenium

Abstract (summary)

The reaction of Ru(CO)4(C2H4) or Ru(CO)5 with 1,5-Ph4P2N4S2 in CH2Cl2/hexane at 23°C produces the dimer [Ru(CO)2(Ph4 P2N4S2)]2 (2), which was shown by X-ray crystallography to have a centrosymmetric structure in which the P2N4S2 ring is attached to one ruthenium atom through two (geminal) nitrogen atoms and the remote sulfur atom and serves as a bridge to the other ruthenium atom via the second sulfur atom. Crystals of 2 ·2(CH2Cl2) are triclinic, space group P (No. 2), a = 12.901(1) Å, b = 13.072(1) Å, c = 10.123(1) Å, α = 100.88(1)°, β = 98.90(1)°, γ = 67.50(1)°, V = 1542.4(3) Å, Z = 1 with final R and Rw values of 0.040 and 0.027, respectively.

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Chivers, T., Hilts, R. W. & Parvez, M. (1994). Preliminary communication: Preparation and structure of a ruthenium dicarbonyl derivative of the P 2N 4S 2 ring. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 480(1), c4–c6.


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