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    Beak Disorder: a sound and sculpture installation
    (2018) Sharpe, Leslie
    This paper discusses Leslie Sharpe's sound and sculpture installation project "Beak Disorder," exhibited at Manizales, Columbia for Balance-Unbalance 2016. The work addresses how anthropogenic climate change may be affecting birds in the Pacific Northwest regions of Canada and the United States. "Beak Disorder" is a project that references an unexplained condition documented in birds in the Northwest of Canada and Alaska called "avian keratin disorder" where the bird's beak becomes distorted and elongated. The work includes a series of 3D printed distorted beaks as well as a sound piece and web component.
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    (2017) Mallon, Darci
    Digital drawing with capability of being printed large scale.
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    (2015) Belliveau, Elisabeth
    Stop-motion animation, 4:53 min. Materials: found objects, flowers, plasticine. Limonade is the first animation in a trilogy inspired by the writing of author Clarice Lispector. The trilogy explores themes of still life and momento mori. In Limonade, materials perform in relation to figures and portrait busts that emerge, collapse and bridge. Plasticine clouds move across a paper sky and the leaning towers collapse. Sound: Graham Van Pelt.
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    (2017) Belliveau, Elisabeth; Nishihara, Nao
    Izanami is a new stop-motion animation inspired from my research of Japanese traditions of still-life and vanitas. I have used the shape of the narrative from the Kojiki origin myth of Izanami and Izanagi to choreograph the movement of the animated objects. Izanami and Izanagi are deities that created the eight islands of Japan. The sound is created by Yokohama-based artist Nao Nishihara. This project was made possible thanks to a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres de Quebec. Animation: Elisabeth Belliveau, sound: Nao Nishihara. Preview can be viewed here:
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    Anghiari series
    (2015) Belliveau, Elisabeth